What is Reiki?

Reiki translates to "Universal Life Force Energy" and is a beautiful Japanese energy healing technique. It helps to bring the mind, body and spirit back into balance through activating the body’s natural relaxation and healing response. 


Energy can stagnate in the body for a number of reasons which can cause blockages and imbalances. Reiki energy is channeled through the practitioner and guided towards the client through gentle holds on the body, or above the body. It flows to where it is most needed and aims to raise the vibration of the energetic field and helps to clear the stagnant energy and blockages. This then helps to bring you back into alignment and feeling your best self.


I’ve found it to be an extremely relaxing treatment and often very profound. I’ve had quite a few ‘A-HA’ moments whilst having a treatment which have lead me to understand myself on a much deeper level. In my experience, It’s been like psychotherapy for the soul!


Of course, everyone’s journey is different and reiki helps different people with different things. A few examples include:


  • Relaxation and better sleep

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety

  • Relief of pain

  • To help speed up emotional or physical recovery


We are our own best healers and reiki can help to strengthen the relationship with your own inner healer. As a (soon to be) Reiki Practitioner, I’m here to hold a safe space for you on this journey. If you have any questions or are wondering if reiki is for you, please feel free to send me a message.

What to expect at your appointment

We will go through an initial consultation form and discuss your medical history, lifestyle and anything else you feel is relevant. This is confidential and is to help me give you the best treatment possible.

During reiki you will remain clothed and will be lying face up on the massage table. I will then tune into the reiki energy which takes a few minutes. I will connect with you by placing my hands on your shoulders then I will proceed to work on the areas I feel called to go to. I will also do a chakra scan to see where any imbalances may lie and will give extra attention as appropriate. 

I am sometimes called to use crystals in a reiki treatment and often will repeat positive affirmations in my head to support you whilst I am working. I also diffuse essential oils in the room.

At the end of the treatment, we will have a chat about anything that may have come up and I will go over some aftercare with you to help you maintain the benefits of the treatment. 

Please note I am in the final stages of my training and am hoping to be offering treatments in August 2022 - Watch this space!